How to Effectively Use Your Storage Unit

Whether you are new to self-storage or looking for some tips on storing your items more effectively, at PA U-Store-It we are here to help you. Use our guidelines to help make storing your belongings a success. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us today for more information.

Guidelines for Effective Storage

  • Place pallets on the floor to aid in air circulation and prevent condensation
  • Cover your stored items with light plastic sheeting
  • Using boxes offers the best protection for most household items and documents. Uniform sized boxes stacked to shoulder height offer the maximum use of your storage space
  • Use a high quality lock for your storage locker
  • If you are storing valuable items such as cameras or computers, place them in the rear of your storage unit in unmarked boxes
  • Clean kitchen appliances prior to storing, leave doors open to prevent mould and mildew growth
  • When storing books, pack them flat to protect the spine, use smaller boxes to ensure they are easier to carry
  • Pack mirrors and windows individually between pieces of strong cardboard
  • Wrap plates and glasses individually in bubble wrap or plain paper, mark them as fragile
  • If you are storing tools, bicycles or other items made from metal, wipe them with an oiled rag to prevent rusting
  • Protect furniture and mattresses with plastic covers. Stack them on pallets or cardboard mats. Stand couches or mattress on end to maximize space
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